Entrepreneurs urged to maintain products’ quality

Posted On: May, 07 2020
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Singida Regional Commissioner Dr. Rehema Nchimbi has urged producers of various products in the region to maintain quality and standards requirements so as to protect consumers and boost their businesses.

She was speaking to producers and entrepreneurs during the opening of an awareness training that was organized by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) in Singida Municipality. The training brought together food and sunflower cooking oil processors in the area.

The RC said standards are a key factor in promoting businesses in and outside the country and that whoever is engaged in any form of production must abide by standards’ requirements.

She said quality and certified products give assurance to reliable market and profit, thus urging producers to strive to acquire the TBS standards mark of quality on their products.

“Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) is here for you. We must use this opportunity to learn and gain new skills,’’ she said.

Dr. Nchimbi insisted that substandard food items affect people’s health and safety and that is why the government through TBS and other bodies is keen to ensure whatever is produced has to comply with respective standards requirements.

“TBS is not an enemy of producers. Instead, it helps all of us to understand important issues including regulations that govern production in our industries and processing factories,” she said.

On his part, the TBS Training and Research Manager, Mr. Hamisi Sudi said the Bureau will continue to provide education to the public regarding standards and quality assurance activities.

He said TBS recognizes and value the contribution of local producers and that so far it has reached 221 entrepreneurs in Iramba, Manyoni and Singida districts.